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We use hand picked ingredients to create a nutrient dense airy soil that the plants love.




When it comes to Cannabidiol, or better known as CBDA, there are many common names associated with the hemp extract. I’m sure you have heard CBDA oil, CBDA tinctures, full spectrum oil, and so forth. But what exactly is in CBDA oil? Knowing the ins and outs of the process can be the difference between finding a product that works and one that doesn’t. North Lakes Hemp is designed to do just that. My name is Jatin Gavin and I am a part owner at North Lakes Hemp, where we grow hemp for the purpose of extracting the essential oil (cannabinoids) and terpenes, which are used to make various products, such as full spectrum CBDA oil. My background includes working as an Engineer at Cool Clean Technologies for over 3 years, designing and building liquid CO2 extraction equipment. I will get to more on that later, but first let's talk CBDA oil.

How can you ensure that you are getting CBDA oil that works? There are a handful of different products on the market, so it’s difficult to find one that fits your needs. At North Lakes Hemp, we believe that garbage in equals garbage out. That is why all our full spectrum CBDA oil products have been produced using only high quality and highly potent hemp. Once we have grown or acquired flower of this potency, the next step is extracting the medicinal compounds of the plant.

Hemp, or cannabis, has many different compounds, but not all of them are useful. For instance, chlorophyll adds a green tint and foul taste to the final product and is avoided in creating full spectrum CBDA oil. We are after the cannabinoids and terpenes, as these have proven medicinal effects. In order to extract these compounds, we use liquid CO2 extraction, or coined Cold CO2 Extraction™ equipment from Cool Clean Technologies. This extraction method is a non-hazardous way that allows the cannabinoids and terpenes to be easily extracted. Imagine it like a bus, where the liquid CO2 acts like seats to be filled with passengers. Cannabinoids and terpenes are the passengers, who will take up the seats until there is no more room, or the material is exhausted. Then when the bus is full, the compounds can be taken to the next destination to be used for full spectrum oil products.

As the compounds travel through the Cold CO2 Extraction™ process, the bond never breaks between the cannabinoids and terpenes, leaving all medicinal parts of the plant intact. This is important because when the connection of terpenes and cannabinoids is broken, you will not get the same medicinal effects of adding back in terpenes later. The terpenes have been shown to be the director, or driver of the cannabinoids, allowing the medicine to be used where it is needed. This gives the Cold CO2 Extraction™ machines that Cool Clean Technologies offers a huge advantage. Cool Clean can offer a full spectrum CBDA oil unbroken from its original terpenes, which cannot be achieved with any of the other extraction methods on the market.

Cool Clean Technologies has been at the fore front of the hemp scene since the early 2000s with the sale of CO2 extraction and cleaning equipment. Cool Clean has been established in the medical marijuana industry and now that hemp is federally legal, has blossomed. Recently, Cool Clean outgrew its previous fabrication and engineering home and moved headquarters into a new state-of-the-art facility. The new facility has not only opened R&D capabilities, but expanded our space for extraction processing and testing.

Personally, I have learned a lot from working closely with a large team of engineers, chemists, botanists, and technicians to understand the best possible way to extract hemp for our full spectrum CBDA oil products. Cool Clean’s Cold CO2 Extraction™ equipment is at the leading edge of the field and allows North Lakes Hemp to deliver the best products to our customers!