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All around the globe, hemp farming is growing for a variety of hemp products like CBD, oil, clothes, fabrics, yarn etc.

Here’s a good thing about our range of products - All products at North Lakes Hemp are made locally with organic processes, ensuring the highest quality products.

Full spectrum CBD oil is full of benefits

Full spectrum CBD oil by North Lakes Hemp consists of all the plants' cannabinoids and terpenes. CBD oil has been shown results helping in reducing anxiety, minimizing inflammation, decreasing nausea, curing insomnia, and relieving muscle tension. Ingredients used in Full Spectrum CBD oil are coconut MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil, 500mg Full spectrum CBD extract (<0.3% THC), and natural mint flavour.


Are Hemp Products Legal?

Yes, hemp is now legal at the federal level! The Farm Bill passed in 2014 gave states the right to grow hemp commercially. It is required that you have a licence through your states hemp program before you begin growing. Unlicensed growing of hemp is still illegal. North Lakes Hemp is the trade name for SG Farms LLC which is licensed through the State of Minnesota. Therefore, hemp products are legal to buy and use in all fifty states. So, buying and using them isn’t going to get you in any trouble.


These are the bestselling hemp products you can buy from North Lakes Hemp: