Full-spectrum CBD oil by North Lakes Hemp includes of all the plants' cannabinoids and terpenes. Ingredients used in Full Spectrum CBD oil are coconut MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil, 500mg Full spectrum CBD extracts (<0.3% THC), and natural mint flavour.

CBD oil dosage

Recommended CBD oil dosage for this oil is 0.5 to 1 ml. You have to put this amount of product under the tongue and hold it there for up to 60 seconds. Holding it there, longer will have no harmful effect. The process of putting in medicine under the tongue is called sublingual application. This is common in health care as it absorbs into the bloodstream quickly.

This product is available in four variations


  • Full Spectrum CBD oil 1000 mg extract – Mint flavored

  • Full Spectrum CBD oil 1000 mg extract – Unflavored

  • Full Spectrum CBD oil 500 mg extract – Unflavored

  • Full-spectrum CBD oil 500 mg extract - Mint flavored

What determines the cost of CBD oil?

CBD oil prices are based on these factors – Farming practices, Extraction Costs, Market price and Third-party lab tests costs. The price of CBD comes down to the number of milligrams of CBD you’re purchasing. The cost of CBD oil, when broken down, looks like this:

Cost of oil per gram/milligrams = cost per milligram of CBD

The average cost of CBD across the industry is around $0.05/milligram (low end) and $0.25/milligram (high end). However, these prices are not stable. The fluctuating price of CBD oil depends on an unregulated market, not to mention the extraction and production prices that are involved in its production. As soon as the hemp industry will become more established and regulated, the cost of CBD oil will become more stabilized.


Do Your Research and Shop Smart

The cost of CBD oil fluctuates regularly, and it can become extremely confusing when trying to decide on the best product to suit your needs. At North Lakes Hemp we do our best to keep our prices competitive, while still offering the best-quality, full-spectrum CBD oil money can buy. Our 500mg Full spectrum CBD extract oil would cost you around $59.00, which is quite good at this quality. We understand that CBD oils can be expensive, which is why to try our best to keep our prices set at the best industry standards.

Why choose our Full Spectrum

CBD oil?

North Lakes Hemp has created its organic soil using handpicked ingredients sourced locally. We take measures at every step in the process, right from creating an organic soil for cultivating our plants to packing up the finished product.


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