A story of freshness

Hoops up!
Hoop Grow Top View

growing with love

We built this farm from the ground up and believe if you use good inputs you get good outputs. For our CBDA Hemp we created our own organic soil using hand picked ingredients sourced locally. We didn't have big dollars behind us but we had great minds. Our head agronomist, Nate, went to the University of Minnesota to study plant science. Since graduating Nate has been working for the U of M in the wheat department working on coming up with new genetic lines with better yields and natural resistances. When it comes to pest management and overcoming all that the natural world can throw at a crop while maintaining an organic approach took a special talent.

To build all of the structures that Nate needed to grow our beautiful crop Jatin, our lead tinkerer came in to play. Together Nate and Jatin planned out the site and built a great home for what has become a great line of products for our community. We are here to share the love and we believe you will appreciate the fruits our beautiful earth has provided.


Jatin in the Forest
Nate trimming