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Barley Fields
northlakes hemp 4 bottles

Minnesota grown and processed

Premium Full spectrum CBD oil

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We have created a full spectrum product using only organic growing practices to provide the best CBD oil available on the market. This 500mg CBD oil contains all the cannabinoids and terpenes derived from the plant matter. All the cannabinoids have different medicinal properties associated with them. Terpenes have been known to be the guide for the cannabinoids to assist in the bodies use.

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Naturally Simple

The benefits to organic growing is well documented. At North Lakes Hemp, we believe in the benefits the full spectrum of organic ingredients brings to plants. We as well believe that CBD oil should be full spectrum. A rainbow would not be as beautiful without the full color spectrum and we will not be as vibrant without the full spectrum.


“Your CBD hemp oil I use for my back pain and it works great. My dad uses it for his knee pain and he says it works well too. I believe it also helps with anxiety and has a nice calming effect.”



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